Social Entreprenurship Development Programme


Social Impact

Programme Priorities

Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme has four explicit priorities, such as:

1. Financial Support

Financial support considers monetary support for the initiative groups willing to establish social enterprise or funding already operating social enterprise to scale-up. CSRDG actively works to create such opportunities and attract fundings for that purpose in the country. More than 1m GEL has already been distributed within this priority to the social entrerprises.

2. Technical Support - trainings and consultation

Technical support considers developing tailored consultation and training services for stakeholders and interested parties. In doing so, CSRDG approaches its expert staff as well as visiting consultants. Furtherly, CSRDG actively works with the medium and large enterprises for their pro-bono support and raise of engagement.

3. Ecosystem Improvement

In order to support Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Georgia, CSRDG with its partners has established Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia. Likewise, CSRDG organises international experience-sharing visits with main actors of the field and government representatives to boost the legislative changes in the country regarding the social entrepreneurship.

4. Awareness Raising

In order to raise awareness about the concept in Georgia, CSRDG actively works with high-educational institutions and students, hosts B2B exhibitions and talks, founded Social Entrepreneurship annual forum in Georgia in 2012, works with the government on local as well as central levels, promotes the concept through conventional media sources and social media, plans and implements supportive campaigns and publishes educational and research materials regarding the Social Entrepreneurship.


Some of our achievements in 2016-2018 years

CSRDG has increasingly expanded its operations in 2016 within the European Union and Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt) supported project "Social Entrepreneurship - Innovative Approach for Social and Economic Changes".

Graphical visualisation of the project outcomes are accessible in Georgian below.

List of funded Social Enterprises'

Since 2010 CSRDG has funded 47 social enterprises in Georgia. The registry of funded enterprises and further details are accessible on the link below.