Social Entreprenurship Development Programme


Completed projects

  • Total amount of the project: 697'201 EUR

    EaP Countries: Georgia

    Duration: 2016-2018

    Donor: European Union; Bread For the World (BFW).

    Brief description of the project:

    The aim of the project is to promote the development of social entrepreneurship to increase the capacity of public organizations so that they can better achieve social and environmental goals and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups.

    Results of the project:

    • Within the framework of the project, social entrepreneurs have been provided with services tailored to their needs throughout Georgia. Social entrepreneurship development center  was created in western part of Georgia on the basis of the Education Development and Employment Center in western Georgia.
    • 4 idea competitions have been organized with participation of 100 persons. CSRDG provided interested parties with comprehensive technical support to capacitate them in planning and fundraising for establishing social enterprises.
    • 13 social and green enterprises have been funded with the total budget of 240’000 GEL.
    • International experience sharing tour has been organized for 9 participants, including state agencies in order to raise awareness about the state support mechanisms to support social entrepreneurship.
    • International conference has been organized about the state support mechanisms in Tbilisi, Georgia.
    • 3 social entrepreneurship forums have been organized with participation of state, civil and business sector representatives.
    • 2 B2B Partnership fairs have been organized with participation of around 40 social enterprises in total.
    • 34 social enterprises benefited with the comprehensive technical support and advanced trainings within the project.

    Annimated video about the results is available in Georgian HERE


  • The aim of the project is to promote the integration of persons in conflict with the law into society by establishing cooperation mechanisms between civil society organizations, business companies and state agencies and, accordingly, by creating jobs for the representatives of the target group. The slogan of the project is changes start with you

    The project "Qualification for re-integration a Way back into society" has been implementing since 2017 by ASB Georgia and it's partner organizations Charity, Humanitarian Center "Abkhazeti" (CHCA) and Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), with the financial support of the European Union. The overall aim of the project includes integration of persons in conflict with the law into the society through the establishment of cooperation mechanisms among civil society organizations (CSOs), business companies and State actors. As the first step, an extensive media campaign was developed to attract the main target audience (probationers, inmates, and former inmates), simultaneously social and job skills pieces of training, as well as informational meetings, are being held in different parts of Georgia.

    During the project, 51 beneficiaries got technical materials for start-up or develop small businesses. 81 Beneficiary got working tools for self employement. We established 8 social enterprises in total.

    Project cost: 243,530 EURO

    Donors: Representation of the European Union in Georgia;

    Partner organizations: Education Development and Employment Center EDEC; Arbeiter Samariter Bundi ASB of Georgia; Charitable Humanitarian Center "Abkhazia" (CHCA);

    Duration: 01/02/2017-01/01/2020