Social Entreprenurship Development Programme


EU Supports Development of Social Entrepreneurship Perspectives in Georgia

Within the CSRDG project, The Civil Society Institute hosted the conference "Social Entrepreneurship Development Perspectives in Georgia"

The Civil Society Institute, backed by the European Union and working with the partner organizations, hosted the conference "Social Entrepreneurship Development Perspectives in Georgia"


About the Event


The primary objective of the conference was to facilitate a meaningful dialogue among stakeholders interested in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem regarding the current landscape and future development prospects. The event aimed to provide a platform for decision-makers, social enterprises, supporting organizations, and experts to exchange knowledge and experiences in the realm of state support for social entrepreneurship.

The conference was held on February 23, 2024, at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel (13 Shota Rustaveli Ave., Tbilisi).


Highlights of the conference encompassed:


  • International experience of state support of social entrepreneurship;
  • Key recommendations for state support of social entrepreneurship;
  • Present state and future outlook of state support for social entrepreneurship at the national level in Georgia;
  • Current practices and perspectives of social entrepreneurship support at the local self-government level.


The primary focus of the conference 


During the conference, international experts shared insights from various countries, underscoring the positive outcomes achieved through state support for social entrepreneurship. On the other hand, local speakers highlighted current state support schemes in Georgia, emphasizing existing initiatives and the need for continuous improvement.

Vazha Salamadze, Director of the Civil Society Institute, also emphasized the crucial role of the state's involvement in this regard. The work done so far is remarkable, but we still need to continue advocating for more reforms and support. The state's role in this matter will be vital' - he stated.


 About the project


The conference was organized with the support of the European Union and "Bread for the World" within the scope of the ongoing project "Advancing Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable and Inclusive Society".

The project is implemented by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) in partnership with Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA), Civil Society Institute (CSI), Impact Europe (Formerly EVPA), Georgian Civil Development Association (GCDA), Democratic Development Union of Georgia (DDUG), the LEPL Youth Agency.